7 Things That Cause Sump Pump Failure

 1.  Power Failure

  • The most common cause for sump failure is an electrical power outage.
  • Prevent this by having a back-up generator that can be manually activated.  Also, protect a potential power surge with a service entrance surge protection device.

2. The Sump Pump is the Wrong Size

  • Incorrect sized pump will likely cause a failure.
  • Too big – pump works too hard and shortens the lifespan, too small – same problem.

3. Improper Installation

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly.  Read all the do’s and don’ts of installing a sump pump.

4. Lack of Maintenance

  • Check your manufacturer recommendations.

5. Frozen or Clogged Discharge Lines

  • Keep the discharge pipe from freezing and free of any kind of debris.
  • There is a special grated discharge line attachment that can be added to help prevent this.

6. Product Defect

  • Always test after installation to make sure the sump pump is working properly.

7. Switch Problems

  • Your sump pump relies on both the switch and float arm to work properly.

Source:  Werner Restoration Inc.     Photo Credit:  i.stockphoto.com

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