Adequate Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

Your home is one of the largest financial investments of your lifetime. The start of a new year is a great time to check if you have adequate insurance coverage on your home and its contents. Or maybe you’re a first-time home buyer and acquiring a policy is new to you. As life continues to change, lining up proper asset protection is financially smart and offers the peace of mind you deserve.

Homeowners insurance is usually required by mortgage lenders, so first-time homebuyers need to get a policy in place prior to purchasing a home. A Mel Foster Insurance Producer can provide a free quote so your home buying budget is accurate.

For existing homeowners, think about what has changed in your home over the past year. If you made significant home improvements or splurged on a big screen TV or exercise equipment, the value of those additional items should be included in your coverage.

Your insurance policy should cover the cost to completely replace your home in the event of a tragedy and not just be the cost of the home assessment value. Working with an insurance expert with help guarantee that your policy coverage is complete regardless of what happens down the road.

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