Business Property Risks In Winter

Winter weather creates additional risks with potential financial impacts on your business property. Consider a few weather-related issues that can arise thanks to good ‘ole Jack Frost and suggestions to mitigate risk.

Protect Pipes From Freezing

Frozen pipes are common during the winter months when temps drop below 20 degrees outside. Know what can cause freezing to develop and take steps to alleviate the chance of occurrence.

  • Confirm that proper pipe insulation is in place
  • Keep temperatures consistent inside the building and monitor temperatures throughout to ensure cold air isn’t seeping in and exposing pipes to the bitter cold
  • Test water flow in pipes to verify circulation

Keep Entryways Clear And Safe

Maintain clear walkways and entrances on your property to prevent injury.

  • Purchase adequate supplies of shovels and ice melt to keep sidewalks free of slush and sleet
  • Repair damage to steps, rails and potholes on the property
  • Place non-slip, water-absorbing floor mats just inside doors

Plan Ahead For Business Interruptions

Keep in mind the famous adage, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Have a contingency plan in place for a few common issues that can arise.

  • Have a generator ready when power outages occur so you can continue business as usual
  • Create a procedure for redirecting phone lines if you must close your building
  • Keep an updated employee contact list so you can easily communicate in case of emergency

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