Spring Maintenance For Your Car

Your car needs spring maintenance just like your house does. As we ease out of a tough Midwest winter season, your vehicle could use some tender love and care. Consider maintenance steps to ensure your wheels are ready to roll this spring.

Check Alignment and Rotate Tires

Most of us drove through a pothole or two this winter, and the car’s alignment and suspension are likely imbalanced because of it. Schedule an appointment with your favorite car service company and have the tires rotated and alignment evaluated to confirm the car is safe and secure.

Do A Deep Clean

According to the homeowners’ information website, Angie’s List, leftover salt can be your car’s most damaging remnant of the winter season. Undercarriages, where the metal can rust, endure the biggest hit when they don’t get a deep clean. Take the vehicle to a professional car wash to eliminate salt, so your car has a clean slate this spring. And don’t forget the inside of the car. A quality interior detailing will extend the life of your carpet and mats and will rid your vehicle of those dropped French fries that you just can’t reach between the seat and the console.

Car Part and Safety Upkeep

The emergency kit in the trunk may need some items swapped out after the long winter. Verify that your flashlight batteries are good, replace the flares used, and make sure you still have your jumper cables. Change windshield wipers that don’t quite keep the windows clear and fill your washer fluid.

Test The Battery

Brutal winters with low temps can take a toll on your car battery. Many places like AutoZone offer free battery testing and charging so you know how much battery life is left. Prepare now for the upcoming road trip, so you aren’t stuck on the side of the road this spring or summer.

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