Winter Work Outside Safety

It’s been a tough month for winter in the Midwest. Companies with employees that work outside need to avoid potentially dangerous injuries or accidents and take these precautionary steps.

Find A Reliable Source

Make a habit of following a weather information source you trust and check daily or throughout the day based on your company’s needs to stay updated on questionable conditions. Concerning weather, anticipate potential safety issues before these arise so you can inform your team. This keeps your staff safe and helps you avoid work comp claims or lost time injuries.

Be Prepared

Require staff training for outdoor workers that educates employees on the symptoms of stress from the cold. It’s time for concern when reddening skin, tingling, pain, swelling, leg cramps, numbness, and blisters occur. Remind your team to dress correctly with at least three layers of loose-fitting clothing, insulated gloves and boots, and a hat or hood to cover the head. Insist on using a coworker buddy system to monitor each other’s physical condition and location throughout the day. 

Take A Break

Especially when the temperatures reach freezing and below zero, employees must take regular breaks to maintain or raise body temperature. They should step briefly away from work to check body symptoms and warm up with a snack and warm beverages when possible. On heavy precipitation days, making time to change from wet clothes into dry ones should become a priority.

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